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Where is the good of registering?

In our previous posts we attempted to enlarge on the questions of registration at EvaPhone website as well as on what advantages it gives to the users. Nevertheless, we are often asked about the good reasons for registering at our website, considering that users can make free calls without the creation of a personal account. So, this post is devoted to the detailed description of the benefits given by registration. Here you are with the five answers to the question: where is the good of registering at EvaPhone?

1. You will be given the opportunity to talk to other EvaPhone subscribers for unlimited time using audio and video communications, as only the registered user is allowed to make calls in the framework of EvaPhone system. Fee-paying calls on cell and fixed-line phones can also be made only after registration as the account replenishment option is available only if you have your personal account at our website.

2. After registering in the system under your real name you will be able to find friends and talk to them using free IP communications and chat services. One of the benefits given by your personal account creation is that, by your name, you can be found by friends and relatives you had lost contact with.

3. At the registered user's disposal is also a notebook where telephone numbers of all your contacts are saved. Also, on personal account you can find a section "Call History” where the connection is indicated for each subscriber as well as information about how much money were charged off your account for this or that call.

4. Besides, the registered user can also enjoy the unique Click2Call service. This is a widget button that you can install at your website, blog, forum subscript or social media page just for free. On clicking this button in the browser window, any subscriber can connect with you by means of EvaPhone system through making a call to the phone number you indicated during setting (Both fixed-line or mobile phone – it depends on your own choice). The button is designated for free installation. The money from your account will be charged off only in case of call diverting through EvaPhone. Thus, the EvaPhone registered user becomes more open to different contacts.

5. Still, after registration, you will be able to make two free calls a day in any place of the world and to any type of the phones.

As you can see, only one of the above listed benefits is available to the unregistered user. A conclusion: all you have to do is just one small thing – to enter your details in the registration form. More information about the creation of the personal account at our website you can find in the post “Registration at EvaPhone Website”. So, venture!

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