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IPT Security and Reliability

As long VoIP telephony exists, as long people supporting traditional communications services speak of the insecurity of communications and the exposure of data transferred through Internet channels. There is no doubt, of course, that a cheaper, and sometimes, even free IPT beats the common telephone communications in terms of popular appeal among the users. It means that many traditional communication services lose their market share. Considering all this, the argument about the insecurity of data network communication plays into the hands of those losing their competitive edge, i.e. the representatives of the traditional telephone communications companies. Still, unfortunately, their concerns are not completely unfounded as not all the IPT-operators are ready to take additional efforts to protect the corresponding data transmission channels.

In fact, there are certain risks but, most often, the respectful IPT-operators do themselves best to eliminate the risk of hazardous situations well in advance, much before beginning to provide the communications services to the subscribers. So, what are other probable risks when using IPT?

1. Intruders may hack password and spend all the money on your account.

One of the commonly used type of the hacker attack aims at stealing passwords from other users to use money from the subscribers’ personal accounts. At EvaPhone website all the users’ passwords are stored in the encrypted form, so they are beyond the reach of the outsiders, and their transfer to third parties is impossible.

EvaPhone service also secures your personal messages privacy and keeps the users’ personal details confidential. Only the information stored on open access may be available to other system subscribers.

2. Talk interception.

The risk of interception arises in case if data are networked in the unencrypted form, i.e. the packets are transferred in clear. In such a case, an intruder may not only overhear your talk, but to intercept the part of information, insert other content in it or save it as a media flow and then use it for his/her own ends: to transfer the data to the third parties, etc.

EvaPhone users are securely protected from such attacks and can communicate with each other never thinking of the ever probable information leakage as data networking in the EvaPhone system is performed using cryptographic ciphering.

3. Spam or, in terms of IPT, SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony).

IPT spam technology is very much alike the calls on your home number when some unfamiliar people offer you different services you do not need. So, the IPT spam thread is as much probable as when using e-mail, fixed-line telephone or a typical instant messenger. In case of IPT, the spam problem is solved by means of applying special filters and capchas. So, as you can see, the SPIT devil is not so black as it is painted.

4. Viral attacks.

EvaPhone users can forget about viral attacks. To use our system, one does not have to download and install on the PC any distrustful software, as the users communicate in the Internet by means of browser. Therefore, the risk to catch up a deleterious virus is equal to the risk you are exposed to when visiting any other website.

EvaPhone Team appreciates its subscribers making communications as much secure as it is possible for all of you were always "In touch with The World”.

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