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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

In this post I will try to address the most frequently asked questions of the EvaPhone system users.

- Forgot the password

If you forgot your password we will send it to you by e-mail.
All you have to do is to enter your e-mail address in the special form:

Then go to your mail box where you will find a new password assigned by a robot.

Enter your new password at EvaPhone website and, working in your profile, change it to the password you like best.

- Cannot activate the account

If you did not get a link for your account activation by e-mail - do not panic! First of all, look into your Spam folder, as sometimes, probably by mistake, messages arrive there. If you still did not manage to find the letter in this folder, check whether you may have applied some anti-spam filters to some kinds of websites. Then try to deactivate filter protection, if needed, and send your account activation request once again. If it does not help, contact EvaPhone 24-hours support service at: support@evaphone.com, and our specialists will immediately contact you.

- Cannot make a call to this/that direction

Check, if the country where you would like to call is present on the list of directions available for making calls by means of the system: http://evaphone.com/destinations. Then check if you entered the desired number correctly. Make sure that the number format coincides with the selected direction. Click «Call» button. Then, after some ads view, select «Allow» button from the corresponding menu. That is all you have to do to make a call. In case you still cannot make a free call, check, if the free calls limit (two free calls per day to any direction) is not used up. In case you are the registered user and want to make a fee-paying call, check, if there are available money on your personal account.

In case you performed all the possible checks but still cannot make a call, please, contact our 24-hour support service at: support@evaphone.com.

- Are the free calls really available? How much time can I call free to this or that direction?

EvaPhone system really provides the opportunity to make free calls on any type of telephone numbers (both cell and fixed-line). To make a free call you even do not have to register at our website: you can just select the country and enter the desired number. Free calls between EvaPhone subscribers are unlimited, so you can talk as much as you wish. In case you make the free call on a cell or a fixed-line telephone number, its time depends on the selected direction. More details about the free call time available for each country you can look here: http://evaphone.com/destinations.

In case you still have questions about making calls using EvaPhone service, you are welcome to add them as comments to the post. We will gladly answer you!

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