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What Are The Basic EvaPhone Benefits?

Any service is created in pursuit of some specific goals. First of all, the creative group should know what the purpose and the audience of the resource creation are. Our service works to provide people with the opportunities of freely communication regardless of their actual location, as well as getting new social contacts, and coming into touch with their friends and relatives. Therefore, EvaPhone benefits are appropriate for absolutely different people including businessmen and housewives, gregarious teens and serious researchers – thus, for everybody preferring communication to social isolation.

Unlike other resources providing IPT services, EvaPhone is not just an inexpensive communication service, but a free communication including a lot of additional services. Making free calls is available for any user, even unregistered at our website. You can call to any city of the world as well as to any phone number including both fixed-line and cell phones, or make calls to other EvaPhone system users.

The EvaPhone benefits may be also useful for those, whose PC due to some reasons prohibits VoIP applications running. You just do not have to install add-on software at your PC to use our system communication services. Connection is available directly from web-browser allocated at EvaPhone site. Therefore, all you have to do to use our system is to connect your PC to the Internet.

Another EvaPhone system benefit is that it allows controlling your telephone costs as all the necessary information and itemization of your monthly bills is right in the call history. Thus, you do not have to send ambiguous SMS-messages, letters or go to the company office and wait for the bill determination. All you have to do to get all the information about your calls is to make a couple of mouse clicks. Thus, you may beneficially use the service capabilities as well as save on calls taking into account such low average prices per minute (starting from $0.0889).

Still another service benefit is that it allows not only to hear, but also to see the called party. Video calls are available even for unregistered users. At EvaPhone website there is also a chat forum where you can communicate with other system users without installing any add-on software on your PC.

EvaPhone benefits will be also enjoyed by those wishing to be always connected and not to miss any of the contacts as the service provides them with the opportunity to allocate the answering machine button at their Internet resources to communicate continuously. Entering your website, blog or social media profile, any person can call you, and you can receive his/her call or answer the caller using the voice mail. Besides, the caller will not be able to see your phone number what is very useful to insure you against spam.

EvaPhone may be useful to all people got used to enjoying high-quality and easy communication services.

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