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Registration at EvaPhone Website

To take all the advantages of EvaPhone system, you should register at our website. However, this is the standard procedure prompted at any respectful Internet resource. The process of account creation takes almost no your time or effort, but still we decided to enlarge on this topic for you could join Evaphone system even much faster and easier.

1. First of all, select “Registration" button in the top-right corner of the screen. Then appears a short form you should fill out.

2. Please, indicate your real name and surname, true web nick, country and town you live in as well as the date of birth, as using this data your friends will be able to easily find you among other EvaPhone system users. Also be careful to specify your actual e-mail address, as a message containing a link for the account activation will be sent to it automatically.

3. In case you forget your password, please, fill out the field “Secret Question”.

4. Then the system will execute a small check to determine that you are not a robot device. After it, the registration is complete.

5. All that remains is to activate your account using the link automatically sent to your specified e-mail address by the system.

6. Enter your username and password at EvaPhone website and go to editing your profile. Fill out the fields concerning your occupation, interests and hobbies, education and so on for you could be found not only by your friends, but also by other people sharing your hobbies or professional interests.

7. Now you are ready to start accustoming to EvaPhone as you are off to discover a lot of new opportunities.

First of all, you will be able to talk more and longer to your people in both audio and video modes as well as to exchange instant messages by means of chat forum under your real name, by which your friends are sure to find you among other EvaPhone users. One big difference from other such services is that you do not have to install any add-on equipment on your PC as all the connections come directly from browser. Therefore, you can conveniently use EvaPhone system both home or at work as well as in any Internet centre.

Besides, you can enjoy additional ease and benefits of making calls (to fixed-line or cell phones as well as to other system users’ accounts), such as record book where you can save phone numbers and other contact information or call and payment history where every call including connection time and cost is registered.

Still after registration you can make two free international and long-distance calls per day (to any phone type), unlimited fee-paying calls at a lower price to both cell and fixed-line phone numbers in any place of the world as well as communicate for free in audio and video modes with other EvaPhone users.

Besides all these benefits, the registered user can also enjoy the unique Click2call Service. This very service is detailed in the next article.

P.S.: All the characters, phone numbers and personal details used in the article are fictitious; any coincidence is entirely accidental. =)

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