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How to Make Free Calls

We are often asked what the main difference is between IP telephony and fixed-line or cell phone. First of all, they differ in average price per minute (APPM). IPT is the most low-end alternative as compared to the fixed-line or cell phone, and, what is more, using Evaphone website you can make absolutely free calls.

Step By Step Instruction:

1. Go to the home page EvaPhone - here you see the phone sign and fields for your country and telephone number input. Using our website you can call anywhere, regardless of your actual location. Moreover, you can call both to cell and fixed-line numbers located in any city or country of the world. So, all you have to do is to choose the appropriate country and then enter the required phone number.

2. Select the call button and watch a short commercial.

3. Then a setting window appears where you should select "Allow" button to be connected to the called subscriber.

4. Without registration at our website, you can make only two calls per day with maximum duration of five minutes.

Being unregistered, you can also make free audio- and videocalls to the numbers of all Evaphone subscribers without any time or quantity of calls limitations.

1. To do it, go to EvaPhone and choose any username and password.
2. After you have chosen and entered your password and username, you can make free calls in audio- or video mode to the phone numbers of your friends and relatives as well as other EvaPhone users. Attention: the privacy and confidentiality of all talks is guaranteed even when using test accounts. Even if after exiting the website under the test account “username+password” you were immediately followed by another person using the same username and password, he/she will not see the call history as the session under the test account is never saved and is completely deleted right after the user exit.

3. Additionally, you can make use of chat forum services at EvaPhone where you can exchange instant messages with any EvaPhone subscribers, even those logged in using the test account.

One of the Evaphone’s distinctive features is that you can make calls directly from browser, being at work or in the Internet centre. You do not have to install some add-on software on your PC to make standard or videocalls, and, what is more, the chat forum is available even for unregistered users.

EvaPhone provides all these services absolutely free, without the necessity of website account creation. In fact, the range of system capabilities is much wider, and we are sure to tell you about them a little bit later. And now, in our next article you can find the step by step instruction on the registration at our website.

We do our best for you could always see and hear you dearest and nearest!

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