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How to Allocate the Answering Machine at Your Blog, Website or Social Media Profile?

EvaPhone system contains a very fine widget. It will by all means prove useful both in business and your day-to-day life and will help you to be always connected. This widget is “Click2call” button.

This service is available only for registered users. If you are still unregistered then you should first read the foregoing post (“Registration at Evaphone Website”). If you have already created your account at Evaphone, then just go on and move to the next step.

“Click2call” is a button you can allocate at your website, blog, forum subscript or your social media profile. Using this button, your friends and partners will be able to connect with you with a single click.

Using EvaPhone system you can easily associate “Click2call” button with any of your telephone numbers: cell and fixed-line, home or office. You will receive calls to this number incoming to your phone directly from Internet. Selecting this button, any person can call you or leave a message on your answering machine. To release you from unwanted spam and phone harassment problems, the caller cannot see your phone number selecting “Click2call” button as he/she will be connected with you directly from the Internet. It means that you are always connected and never loose any contact information while enjoying the call privacy.

How to Allocate “Click2call” Button:

1. Log in at Evaphone website and select “Click2call” option in the corresponding menu. Then you see a window:

2. Enter your name and the appropriate phone number. Then choose if this number is used only for reading voice messages or for receiving incoming calls as well.
Select the most appropriate button design and code (flash or html). Click “Save”.

3. As you exit the website you will get the button code to allocate at your social media profile, blog, website or forum subscript.

4. If you chose “Click2call” button to function as both incoming calls receiver and answering machine, you have to go to settings. Record your answering machine hello message (using “Create” button), then tick the appropriate fields and select “Save”.

5. Then you can make any operations on the allocated button: change the selected phone number, read your voice messages, change button design and answering machine settings as well as look through the call history.

Click2call Service is absolutely free. You will have to pay only for the call forwarded to your phone through EvaPhone system. And if you use voice mail (answering machine) service only, it will be absolutely free for you (no penny is charged off your account), but still positive account balance is required; the sum of money contributed do not matter at all.

One of our next posts will be devoted to fee-paying services and the description of payment procedure.

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