среда, 1 июля 2009 г.

Evaphone advantages

Today we are witnessing the rapid development of Russian IPT market. More and more people realize the advantages offered by this communication means and start using it more and more often.

Entering this market, EVAPHONE attempts to follow its own way in creation of the product giving much pleasure to both its users and creators, being in every way highly elaborated, easy and accredited.

EVAPHONE provides:

The opportunity of using IPT service eliminating the need of downloading and installing the special application;
Quick free calls without registration;
Free calls in a certain town/country you need;
Easy and intuitive user interface;
The capability of making cell and landline calls;
Fee-paying calls at very reasonable prices (from $0.0889);
Clear communication excellence;
The unpaid use of notebook and call history after registration;
Answering machine installation at your website, blog or personal page on social media;
Free communication with EVAPHONE users by means of chat sessions, audio- and videocalls.

Do you have any questions associated with our business and services? If yes, you are kindly welcome to ask them in the comments. EVAPHONE will gladly answer all of them.

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