четверг, 25 июня 2009 г.

What Is IP Telephony?

Today international and long distance calls are quite costly. According to statistics, a considerable part of the budget of many individuals and companies is spent on telecommunication services.

IP telephony (IPT) is a highly advantageous way of telecommunication costs optimization.

IPT is a blend of telephone service and Internet protocol (IP). The mode of operation is very simple: the signals received from input device convert into data protocol packets, and then they are delivered to destination device. The signals are converted into a digital format and vice versa practically immediately that allows users to carry conversations in real-time mode.

Besides the phone you can use any other Internet-connected input device, for example, your PC equipped with microphone and speaker system.

Another IPT advantage is that there are practically no out-of-reach points for it: you can conveniently use IPT in any place of the world provided with Internet connection. There is even no need to install special program on your PC as you are welcome to use our accessible online service thanks to which IPT becomes much easier than e-mail postings.

IPT is a rapidly developing industry: not so long ago it was perceived as a technical innovation, but today it is widely accepted telecommunications tool, commonly used worldwide. IPT calls are much cheaper than the traditional telephone service. Besides, using IPT you can choose between absolutely free or reasonably priced fee-paying calls, the latter allowing bridging certain communication limitations.

We do our best to provide our clients with an easy, highly accessible and intuitive IPT service, allowing making reasonably priced calls despite the long distances.

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