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Greetings to all!

Greetings to all!

Evaphone is glad to welcome users, friends, colleagues and guests to its corporate blog. First of all, we would like to say a couple of words about our company.

The core operations of Evaphone are focused on IP telephony. We do our best to provide our clients with high quality telecommunications services at a reasonable price. Our online service is designed for providing services of both fee-paying and free calls from your PC to any phone with the help of browser.

We started this blog to find better solutions for some major tasks.

First of all, the purpose of this blog is to maximally popularize IPT trend in general. It still may be news to many people that there are much easier and cheaper ways of making international and long distance calls than those the majority has got used to. We want to make our blog the major source of IPT-related information on RuNet.

Secondly, it is critical for us to get feedback from our users who have already employed our services. It will help us to assess our provision of services standard and improve it, if necessary.

And, finally, being highly dynamic and constantly improving company, we continuously update our service list adding new items to better satisfy our clients. We chose blog as a highly effective and actual way of reporting all the adopted innovations to our users.

We will gladly answer all your questions concerning our company as well as IPT business in general. We will be very grateful if you are so kind to add your comments, opinions (on our services provision standards, prices and service list), as well as your offers or preferences in respect to necessary service upgrade.

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