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Where is the good of registering?

In our previous posts we attempted to enlarge on the questions of registration at EvaPhone website as well as on what advantages it gives to the users. Nevertheless, we are often asked about the good reasons for registering at our website, considering that users can make free calls without the creation of a personal account. So, this post is devoted to the detailed description of the benefits given by registration. Here you are with the five answers to the question: where is the good of registering at EvaPhone?

1. You will be given the opportunity to talk to other EvaPhone subscribers for unlimited time using audio and video communications, as only the registered user is allowed to make calls in the framework of EvaPhone system. Fee-paying calls on cell and fixed-line phones can also be made only after registration as the account replenishment option is available only if you have your personal account at our website.

2. After registering in the system under your real name you will be able to find friends and talk to them using free IP communications and chat services. One of the benefits given by your personal account creation is that, by your name, you can be found by friends and relatives you had lost contact with.

3. At the registered user's disposal is also a notebook where telephone numbers of all your contacts are saved. Also, on personal account you can find a section "Call History” where the connection is indicated for each subscriber as well as information about how much money were charged off your account for this or that call.

4. Besides, the registered user can also enjoy the unique Click2Call service. This is a widget button that you can install at your website, blog, forum subscript or social media page just for free. On clicking this button in the browser window, any subscriber can connect with you by means of EvaPhone system through making a call to the phone number you indicated during setting (Both fixed-line or mobile phone – it depends on your own choice). The button is designated for free installation. The money from your account will be charged off only in case of call diverting through EvaPhone. Thus, the EvaPhone registered user becomes more open to different contacts.

5. Still, after registration, you will be able to make two free calls a day in any place of the world and to any type of the phones.

As you can see, only one of the above listed benefits is available to the unregistered user. A conclusion: all you have to do is just one small thing – to enter your details in the registration form. More information about the creation of the personal account at our website you can find in the post “Registration at EvaPhone Website”. So, venture!

Our Best Employee – Alexander Melnikov

Today we have some special post as it is high time for you to get acquainted with the EvaPhone team. And we would like to start our team story from telling you about our best employee - Alexander Melnikov.

Alexander is the most devoted EvaPhone employee. He is the “oldest” member of our team as he has been working in a company much longer than all of us – since September, 2007. Position held by Alexander is officially called “software engineer”, but in fact during two year work in our company, Alexander was successfully coping with additional duties of team leader, system architect and principal software engineer.

As acknowledges our CEO, Svetlana Ushakova, if it were not for Alexander, EvaPhone project would never exist – allow, that Alexander’s contribution to the company establishing defy estimation as it is beyond price. “Aims to stretch his bio data by another job” – there can be no mistake, it is not about him. Alexander regards his job in a very responsible manner: he can fix even the most complex tasks by himself, he always aims at the high-grade result, he is assiduous and patient, he is fond of his job and devoutly roots for it. He is much respected and appreciated by all other employees. And, besides all that, Alexander is a very fair, clever and modest person.
From all of us, as well as from our CEO, Svetlana Ushakova, and our Technical Director, Renat Umbitaliev, we would like to tell to Alexander: “Thank you for your work!” and congratulate him with the advance in office! In October, Alexander will take a post of the system architect, and our congratulations will be supported by a bonus and the wage increase.

Alexander, we are proud of you!

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

In this post I will try to address the most frequently asked questions of the EvaPhone system users.

- Forgot the password

If you forgot your password we will send it to you by e-mail.
All you have to do is to enter your e-mail address in the special form:

Then go to your mail box where you will find a new password assigned by a robot.

Enter your new password at EvaPhone website and, working in your profile, change it to the password you like best.

- Cannot activate the account

If you did not get a link for your account activation by e-mail - do not panic! First of all, look into your Spam folder, as sometimes, probably by mistake, messages arrive there. If you still did not manage to find the letter in this folder, check whether you may have applied some anti-spam filters to some kinds of websites. Then try to deactivate filter protection, if needed, and send your account activation request once again. If it does not help, contact EvaPhone 24-hours support service at: support@evaphone.com, and our specialists will immediately contact you.

- Cannot make a call to this/that direction

Check, if the country where you would like to call is present on the list of directions available for making calls by means of the system: http://evaphone.com/destinations. Then check if you entered the desired number correctly. Make sure that the number format coincides with the selected direction. Click «Call» button. Then, after some ads view, select «Allow» button from the corresponding menu. That is all you have to do to make a call. In case you still cannot make a free call, check, if the free calls limit (two free calls per day to any direction) is not used up. In case you are the registered user and want to make a fee-paying call, check, if there are available money on your personal account.

In case you performed all the possible checks but still cannot make a call, please, contact our 24-hour support service at: support@evaphone.com.

- Are the free calls really available? How much time can I call free to this or that direction?

EvaPhone system really provides the opportunity to make free calls on any type of telephone numbers (both cell and fixed-line). To make a free call you even do not have to register at our website: you can just select the country and enter the desired number. Free calls between EvaPhone subscribers are unlimited, so you can talk as much as you wish. In case you make the free call on a cell or a fixed-line telephone number, its time depends on the selected direction. More details about the free call time available for each country you can look here: http://evaphone.com/destinations.

In case you still have questions about making calls using EvaPhone service, you are welcome to add them as comments to the post. We will gladly answer you!

IPT Security and Reliability

As long VoIP telephony exists, as long people supporting traditional communications services speak of the insecurity of communications and the exposure of data transferred through Internet channels. There is no doubt, of course, that a cheaper, and sometimes, even free IPT beats the common telephone communications in terms of popular appeal among the users. It means that many traditional communication services lose their market share. Considering all this, the argument about the insecurity of data network communication plays into the hands of those losing their competitive edge, i.e. the representatives of the traditional telephone communications companies. Still, unfortunately, their concerns are not completely unfounded as not all the IPT-operators are ready to take additional efforts to protect the corresponding data transmission channels.

In fact, there are certain risks but, most often, the respectful IPT-operators do themselves best to eliminate the risk of hazardous situations well in advance, much before beginning to provide the communications services to the subscribers. So, what are other probable risks when using IPT?

1. Intruders may hack password and spend all the money on your account.

One of the commonly used type of the hacker attack aims at stealing passwords from other users to use money from the subscribers’ personal accounts. At EvaPhone website all the users’ passwords are stored in the encrypted form, so they are beyond the reach of the outsiders, and their transfer to third parties is impossible.

EvaPhone service also secures your personal messages privacy and keeps the users’ personal details confidential. Only the information stored on open access may be available to other system subscribers.

2. Talk interception.

The risk of interception arises in case if data are networked in the unencrypted form, i.e. the packets are transferred in clear. In such a case, an intruder may not only overhear your talk, but to intercept the part of information, insert other content in it or save it as a media flow and then use it for his/her own ends: to transfer the data to the third parties, etc.

EvaPhone users are securely protected from such attacks and can communicate with each other never thinking of the ever probable information leakage as data networking in the EvaPhone system is performed using cryptographic ciphering.

3. Spam or, in terms of IPT, SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony).

IPT spam technology is very much alike the calls on your home number when some unfamiliar people offer you different services you do not need. So, the IPT spam thread is as much probable as when using e-mail, fixed-line telephone or a typical instant messenger. In case of IPT, the spam problem is solved by means of applying special filters and capchas. So, as you can see, the SPIT devil is not so black as it is painted.

4. Viral attacks.

EvaPhone users can forget about viral attacks. To use our system, one does not have to download and install on the PC any distrustful software, as the users communicate in the Internet by means of browser. Therefore, the risk to catch up a deleterious virus is equal to the risk you are exposed to when visiting any other website.

EvaPhone Team appreciates its subscribers making communications as much secure as it is possible for all of you were always "In touch with The World”.

EvaPhone Fee-Paying Services

In the previous post we enlisted some of the EvaPhone benefits. In our previous posts we talked a lot about our numerous free services. Now it is time to discuss the EvaPhone fee-paying services, which are also important for our users, as well as about the methods of account replenishment and expenses monitoring procedures.

Except unlimited and free video and audio calls in the EvaPhone system as well as two free calls a day on any telephone number in any place of the world, the user can communicate with any cities and countries of the world at a quite reasonable price.

For example, the call to the fixed-line phone in Germany costs only 0.63 rubles per minute, including taxes. Besides, you can make calls on the typical home or work telephone number by means of IPT using your Internet browser without the necessity to install any additional software or devices. A call on a mobile phone number will cost approximately 6 rubles (to be more exact, 5.8447 rubles per minute at USD rate 30.7457). Just compare: a call from the fixed line phone in Saint-Petersburg on a telephone number in Germany by means of traditional telephone communications costs 7.65 rubles per minute, and a call on the mobile phone number – 15 rubles per minute.

You can look the corresponding price per minute in the special table.

By the way, the suggested directions are so numerous that you can easily call even, for example, in Burkina Faso.

The procedure of the account replenishment is very simple. You can do it by several common methods: using your credit/debit card, bank transfer, Moneybookers system (web-purse) or voucher.

Whichever method of the account replenishment you would choose, first of all you will have to indicate your direction (i.e. the country where your telephone number is registered) and enter the corresponding phone number as your contact information. Make sure to indicate your real telephone number as it will be used for your account authorization. Click "3" during the system callback and then follow further guidelines.

EvaPhone gives bonus to all new users: 10 per cent of the amount you place to your account for the first time you will get additionally on your account as a bonus, which you may spend calling your friends and relatives.

In the section “Payment History” you can check when and how much money you placed to your account at the EvaPhone service. And in the section “Call History” you can check how much money you spent making this or that call.

The additional service for those who wants to be always connected is a voicemail Click2Call button which you can install at your blog, forum, or your personal page on social media. The button itself, its installation and the voicemail service are free, but still it is available only when the balance of your account is positive: at that, the amount of money on your account is of no importance, and nothing will be charged off your account in case you use only voicemail. You will have to pay only for the call diverting.

If you have any questions concerning the methods of payment for EvaPhone services, you can conveniently ask them in comments. I will gladly answer you!

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What Are The Basic EvaPhone Benefits?

Any service is created in pursuit of some specific goals. First of all, the creative group should know what the purpose and the audience of the resource creation are. Our service works to provide people with the opportunities of freely communication regardless of their actual location, as well as getting new social contacts, and coming into touch with their friends and relatives. Therefore, EvaPhone benefits are appropriate for absolutely different people including businessmen and housewives, gregarious teens and serious researchers – thus, for everybody preferring communication to social isolation.

Unlike other resources providing IPT services, EvaPhone is not just an inexpensive communication service, but a free communication including a lot of additional services. Making free calls is available for any user, even unregistered at our website. You can call to any city of the world as well as to any phone number including both fixed-line and cell phones, or make calls to other EvaPhone system users.

The EvaPhone benefits may be also useful for those, whose PC due to some reasons prohibits VoIP applications running. You just do not have to install add-on software at your PC to use our system communication services. Connection is available directly from web-browser allocated at EvaPhone site. Therefore, all you have to do to use our system is to connect your PC to the Internet.

Another EvaPhone system benefit is that it allows controlling your telephone costs as all the necessary information and itemization of your monthly bills is right in the call history. Thus, you do not have to send ambiguous SMS-messages, letters or go to the company office and wait for the bill determination. All you have to do to get all the information about your calls is to make a couple of mouse clicks. Thus, you may beneficially use the service capabilities as well as save on calls taking into account such low average prices per minute (starting from $0.0889).

Still another service benefit is that it allows not only to hear, but also to see the called party. Video calls are available even for unregistered users. At EvaPhone website there is also a chat forum where you can communicate with other system users without installing any add-on software on your PC.

EvaPhone benefits will be also enjoyed by those wishing to be always connected and not to miss any of the contacts as the service provides them with the opportunity to allocate the answering machine button at their Internet resources to communicate continuously. Entering your website, blog or social media profile, any person can call you, and you can receive his/her call or answer the caller using the voice mail. Besides, the caller will not be able to see your phone number what is very useful to insure you against spam.

EvaPhone may be useful to all people got used to enjoying high-quality and easy communication services.

How to Allocate the Answering Machine at Your Blog, Website or Social Media Profile?

EvaPhone system contains a very fine widget. It will by all means prove useful both in business and your day-to-day life and will help you to be always connected. This widget is “Click2call” button.

This service is available only for registered users. If you are still unregistered then you should first read the foregoing post (“Registration at Evaphone Website”). If you have already created your account at Evaphone, then just go on and move to the next step.

“Click2call” is a button you can allocate at your website, blog, forum subscript or your social media profile. Using this button, your friends and partners will be able to connect with you with a single click.

Using EvaPhone system you can easily associate “Click2call” button with any of your telephone numbers: cell and fixed-line, home or office. You will receive calls to this number incoming to your phone directly from Internet. Selecting this button, any person can call you or leave a message on your answering machine. To release you from unwanted spam and phone harassment problems, the caller cannot see your phone number selecting “Click2call” button as he/she will be connected with you directly from the Internet. It means that you are always connected and never loose any contact information while enjoying the call privacy.

How to Allocate “Click2call” Button:

1. Log in at Evaphone website and select “Click2call” option in the corresponding menu. Then you see a window:

2. Enter your name and the appropriate phone number. Then choose if this number is used only for reading voice messages or for receiving incoming calls as well.
Select the most appropriate button design and code (flash or html). Click “Save”.

3. As you exit the website you will get the button code to allocate at your social media profile, blog, website or forum subscript.

4. If you chose “Click2call” button to function as both incoming calls receiver and answering machine, you have to go to settings. Record your answering machine hello message (using “Create” button), then tick the appropriate fields and select “Save”.

5. Then you can make any operations on the allocated button: change the selected phone number, read your voice messages, change button design and answering machine settings as well as look through the call history.

Click2call Service is absolutely free. You will have to pay only for the call forwarded to your phone through EvaPhone system. And if you use voice mail (answering machine) service only, it will be absolutely free for you (no penny is charged off your account), but still positive account balance is required; the sum of money contributed do not matter at all.

One of our next posts will be devoted to fee-paying services and the description of payment procedure.